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This framed canvas print comes in two sizes:

  • 16″ x 20″ (total framed dimensions 18″ x 22″) + $30 for shipping
  • 24″ x 32″ (total framed dimensions 26″ x 34″) + $50 for shipping

The canvas is stretched on stretcher bars and set in a floating frame. Due to the size and fragility of shipping large canvas pieces, there is an additional charge for shipping. If you are in the Minneapolis area and are interested in picking up the piece without additional shipping fees, please contact me at amanda.pearson.art@gmail.com.

I have been scuba diving once in my life, and it will be the last. While it was a perfectly normal scuba experience, I am not cut out for that moment of descending into the dark water with no way to quickly get out. So though I may never be a diver, I still wanted to make something to honor the beauty of the ocean depths. I chose to use a medium that would echo round bubbles and the foggy abstraction of looking underwater, and paper hole punches ended up being the perfect fit.

This artwork was made using two different sizes of cardstock paper hole punches in a variety of colors. Each dot was glued down individually and put in place using tweezers.

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Canvas Size

16" x 20", 24" x 32"