“Overgrown” Timelapse

Here is a timelapse of a piece from beginning to end! It is 8″x10″ (the first of this size I’ve done). This snapshot of an overgrown patch on the side of a Minnesota road had a lot of green layers that made it a perfect example to show how these pieces come together section by section. It was also a challenge to do a piece that would rely on small changes of tone and direction of the strings to differentiate the various plants and layers. It was a risk – what if I got to the end after how ever many hours and it was all just one green blob? I used almost every green color of embroidery floss I had (27 to be exact) and I wasn’t sure that would be enough. But even though this looks mostly green, I actually used 44 other non-green colors between the browns for the wood, the yellow highlights, the blue water/sky, and the dark neutrals. I am happy with how it came together.

The timelapse does happen to highlight how shiny my glue is that I use and how often I work late at night in the dark 🙂 Since my studio is full of prints and artwork that is usually hung up in various locations in non-pandemic times, I had no space to spare for dedicated timelapse lighting! Oh well!

Overgrown Final