“Winter Fading” Canvas Print


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This framed canvas print is 16″ x 20″ (total framed dimensions 18″ x 22″). The canvas is stretched on stretcher bars and set in a floating frame. Due to the size and fragility of shipping large canvas pieces, there is an additional $30 for shipping. If you are in the Minneapolis area and are interested in picking up the piece without additional shipping fees, please contact me at amanda.pearson.art@gmail.com.

I had this image from an early spring trip to the shore of Lake Superior in Lutsen, MN that I wanted to capture in an art piece. I made a couple of attempts using different mediums, but nothing clicked. Then I saw a beautiful wood panel in the art supply store, found the wood burning tool that I had but never used, and pulled out my paints that I don’t touch much anymore. This is why I stay open to using different materials in my art – sometimes a piece needs a specific medium to sing.

This artwork was made on a wood panel. The lines were created with a wood burning tool directly on the wood, a light wood stain was applied, and then the dots were painted one by one with acrylic paint and a very small paintbrush.