“Letting the Grass Grow” Original


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This large original is 8″ x 10″ (total framed dimensions 13″ x 16″). Due to the size and fragility of shipping large framed pieces, there is an additional $50 for shipping. If you are in the Minneapolis area and are interested in picking up the piece without additional shipping fees, please contact me at amanda.pearson.art@gmail.com.

Memories are tied to place. In the drive over the bridge connecting Standwood, WA (where my father was raised) and the adjacent Camano Island, both my dad and grandma always remarked about how the landscape had changed from years ago. This same conversation happens multiple times during each annual trip we take to the area. Seeing the landscape grow is a visual reminder that we have changed, and evokes memories of what used to be.

This artwork was made with 79 colors of embroidery floss. Individual pieces were glued to the background surface one by one and pushed into place with tiny scissors and an X-acto knife.