“Landmark of an End” Card


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All cards are handmade using images of artwork. They are 4″ x 6″ and come with a A6 envelope. Each card is blank to be suited for any occasion. An individual card is $5 (+ $3 shipping for the package), or you can purchase your own mix-and-match selection for a discount.

This “Landmark of an End” card is also available as part of the “In the Woods” card pack.

When I was in my early 20s, I bought a large canvas and wanted to make something with it. That was as much as I had figured out, and ended up carting this thing back home across the country when it came time to graduate college. I was so intimidated by this canvas because I thought that whatever I made with it had to be perfect. Eventually I decided to stop staring at the blank fabric and commemorate my time at college by depicting this beautiful tree that was on campus. By stripping away the color and leaves, I could focus on the texture of the trunk. This was created before I had identified my love of gluing things and the delight of using rich colors in my art. I rarely paint anymore, but it is interesting for me to see how my painting style correlates with the gluing embroidery floss technique that I mainly do now.

This artwork was made using acrylic paint. I only used black and white to create the various gray tones.