“Falling Fog” Card


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All cards are handmade using images of artwork. They are 4″ x 6″ and come with a A6 envelope. Each card is blank to be suited for any occasion. An individual card is $5 (+ $3 shipping for the package), or you can purchase your own mix-and-match selection for a discount.

This “Falling Fog” card is also available as part of the “Minnesota Moments” card pack.

Every year when Christmas comes around, I always hem and haw about what to do for my family, and, like clockwork, I come up with an idea of something to make a week before that requires hours and hours to complete it. In the eleventh hour, I thought I should make my mother this original showing a little cabin on the bank of a river with a cold, crisp fog descending on the forest. I only managed to complete ¾ of it by Christmas Day, but finished it up before the holidays were over.

This artwork was made with individual pieces of embroidery floss that were glued to the background surface one by one and pushed into place with tiny scissors and a toothpick.