“Coffee Shop” Giclee Paper Print


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“Coffee Shop” paper prints are available in one size – 11″ x 14″ ($32 + $3 shipping). These prints are created on archival textured fine art paper with archival inks that should last 100 years with proper care.

Just about everyone has a connection to a coffee shop – the early days of a relationship where two people can spend hours eagerly talking to one another, friends who meet at the same place throughout years of life changes to discuss hopes and hurts, or something else. For me, it is how I met my now-husband working at the first Caribou Coffee in Edina, Minnesota. The store had a collection of empty gift cards, and I offered to reuse them in an art project. I had been dating George for about six months when I started this as a symbol of our blossoming relationship. I had to make this gift card mosaic in secret so it took about two years to complete. I’m glad he was “the one” and we stayed together, or I never would have gotten it finished!

This artwork was made using Caribou Coffee gift cards that were cut into approximately half inch squares, separated into prominent colors, and then trimmed to fit together and form the image.