“High Hopes and Daydreams” Giclee Paper Print



“High Hopes and Daydreams” paper prints are available in one size – 11″ x 14″ ($32 + $3 shipping). These prints are created on archival textured fine art paper with archival inks that should last 100 years with proper care.

When I start one of these larger artworks, I plan on working on it for weeks or months at a time. I am almost always up against a deadline to get it finished and this piece was no exception. And of course, I happen to fall and break my right (and dominant) arm shortly after starting it. While this incident did slow down the making of this piece, I had to keep making progress to meet my goals. Throughout the making of this piece, I was always reminded of hopeful anticipation for good things to come.

This artwork was made with 70 colors of embroidery floss. Individual pieces were glued to the background surface one by one and pushed into place with tiny scissors and an X-acto knife.