“Winter Wonderland” Original




Medium: Embroidery Floss (44 colors)

Artwork Size: 4″ x 6″ (plus frame)

Price: $300 + $8 shipping

When we moved to our home, we were aware of the park across the street and thought it was a pleasant bonus, but didn’t give it much more thought than that. We have added a dog to our household since then, and dogs have to go on walks. Even in the winter. Even in Minnesota. It has been a surprise how much I have enjoyed having access to this space nestled between roads and highways where nature can grow and be used. The changing seasons surrounding the pathways of the park have shown up in many pieces I have done, and I keep working on reflecting the unique beauty of each moment.

This artwork was made with 44 colors of embroidery floss. Individual pieces were glued to the background surface one by one and pushed into place with tiny scissors and an X-acto knife.