“Vessel” Giclee Paper Print


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“Vessel” paper prints are available in two sizes – 8″ x 12″ ($23 + $3 shipping) and 12″ x 18″ ($35 + $5 shipping). These prints are created on archival textured fine art paper with archival inks that should last 100 years with proper care.

There are times when I start a piece that I don’t know how I will actually finish it. I knew I wanted to do a shell and that the lines from the thread would show the rich texture of the surface, but I couldn’t picture what the background would look like. It wasn’t until I finished the shell and sat with it a while that I worked up the nerve to do the teal swirls. I was nervous that the two would clash and there would be no way to adjust it once I committed myself to the pattern. The organic swirls ended up being one of my favorite things I have ever made.

This artwork was made with individual pieces of embroidery floss that were glued to the background surface one by one and pushed into place with tiny scissors and a toothpick.