Made it Through the Whirlwind!

Booth from Art-a-Whirl
It’s been a busy spring and start to the summer. I displayed my pieces in the Richfield Community Center and at a couple of their winter farmer’s markets, and then participated in the Mother Day Show in Washington at Sunnyshore Studio. The very next weekend was spent at the Art-a-Whirl in NE Minneapolis. Over Father’s Day weekend was my first outdoor booth (a big milestone) at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival. A huge thank you to all those who braved the heat/humidity/thunderstorms to participate in the excitement. And I personally was quite happy that I didn’t get electrocuted in the process of setting up the metal frame for the canopy tent. A couple of Sundays ago I just installed my last scheduled display (for now) at the Dunn Brothers in Hopkins, MN – these will be up through the month of July.

Now, I can take a breath and reflect back on the conversations I’ve had with people about my work and what I’ve learned in this whirlwind. Most of these pieces I made for just me and my family, without thinking that I would ever be making them available to be viewed and discussed by so many people. I have my opinions about what works and what needs improvement, or what carries the most impact. But I have spent so much time with these pieces, and I don’t have clear eyes. Being at these shows and inviting others to interact with my art is terrifying, but eye-opening. I’m moving from the phase of just making art as a creative outlet to figuring out what it is that I have to say and communicate to those around me through what I make.

Display at Dunn Brothers

Over the next few months, I’m going to concentrate on creating so I can build my portfolio of the larger images, and some smaller ones as well. I’ll be posting more “in progress” pictures on my website, Facebook (@AmandaPearsonArtMN) and Instagram (AmandaPearsonArtMN). I’m excited to show you what I have up my sleeve!

Booth at Stone Arch Bridge Festival

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